2021/2022 Destination Wedding Pricing:

Bridal Hair&Makeup in Tuscany €500-550, in Umbria €400-450, in Le Marche/Abruzzo €350 ( about 2 hours )

Trial in location in Tuscany €150-200, in Umbria €100, in Le Marche/Abruzzo €50-80 ( about 2 hours )

Additional services prices valid for all areas:

Bridesmaid Makeup €50 ( about 30 min )

Bridesmaid Hairstyling €50 ( about 45 min-1 hour )

Flower girl hair €25 ( about 30 min )

Blow dry short hair €50 ( about 20-30 min )

Blow dry mid length hair €50 ( about 30 min )

Blow dry long hair €50 ( about 30 min )

Some brides wish for me to be based the location of their wedding all day for any hair & makeup touch-up’s or changes: call back hair&makeup touch up, blotting the skin, re powdering, blush top up, lipstick top up, hair check and neaten up remove veil. 

I can also create a new hairstyling & makeup look if you are planning on an evening change. If you would like me to stay for the whole day I can be flexible, day and evening rates are negotiable. 


Please note:

All destination weddings will carry a €350 minimum booking fee for the wedding day services.

Trial is not required.

Prices include individual lashes for all makeup services, both the trial and on the wedding day. 

Bridal Hairstyling and Bridesmaid Hairstyling non included blow dry. 

I can do a maximum of 4 individual services besides the bride. This is all dependant on the time of your ceremony, venue restrictions and how early you wish to start. I will send you a bespoke hair & makeup timeline for the morning of the wedding.

Travel, accommodation and transport fees are included.